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Here is the Kundli 7 which is the latest version of Kundli astrology software. Now with added features and more tools to predict and analyse the future.
Complete Kundli + Match Making + TOOLS

Windows Xp, Vista / Windows 7 compatible

Whats new in Kundli 7 ?

- Transit Study with 3 different worksheets

- Yantra Suggession

- Mantra Suggession

- Ratna / Gems Suggession (Lucky Stone to wear)

- Kaalsarpa Yoga

- Bangla chart (east indian) - new Chart style added.

- Now you can Export the results/reports to PDF / JPEG / BMP
Pdf can be read by Adobe reader easily. JPEG and BMP are image formats. Now you can make Kundli reports and easily send to your clients or relatives. No need to install any other program to generate PDF files.

- Time Correction data for many countries with details

- Special Tools feature to study charts

- New updated calculations and reports with more accuracy.

Other Features:

- Eye catching presentation
- Screen preview, Storage of Horoscope modules
- North / South / Bangla Charts, various Ayanamsa options
- Planet position, Nirayana Bhava Chalit , Detailed Birthdetails
- Moon & Navamsa Chart, Chalit Chart
- Sudarshan chakra, Shodash Varga charts, Aspects of planets
- Manglik Dosha
- Yantra - Mantra - Ratna(Lucky stones) suggestions
- Sade Sati periods, Sade Sati explained
- Kaalsarpa Yoga, Vimshottari Dasha
- General Predictions- Business, Character, finance, health, love, lucky day, lucky colour...
- Planetary Predictions, Rashi Predictions
- Interpretation of Aspects
- VARSHPHAL (Annual Chart) for 120 years + Predictions
- Transit Study
- Export results to Jpeg / PDF / BMP
- War time corrections & various Tools for study and analysis of Charts / Reports

- Match Making
- Kundli Milaan,
- Gun dosha milan,
- gun vichar,
- manglik dosha vichar

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